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About us

In 1981 we began to cultivate the land that was given to us by our parents. Dealing with agriculture was our personal choice but, quickly, the problems and bottlenecks of conventional agriculture and monoculture appeared. For this reason, we were directed towards a more human and ecosystem friendly approach on farming, very close to the memories and the experiences of our parents.

So, in 1996, we moved towards organic farming and participated in the control and certification system of organic products. Today, after applying organic farming methods, we grow our plants in farms located in several areas of Southern Greece in Argolida and Arcadia. We do all this because we believe that organic farming is not just another way of farming but respecting nature is a necessary condition for constructing a better future for our planet.

Our products can be found in our grocery store close to Nafplio (located in Aria in a 40 acre farm) as well as in street markets of Athens that sell organic products. They can also be found in the MyMARKET, AB Vassilopoulos and Sklavenitis supermarkets as well as in various organic product stores all around Greece. 

Primary and secondary schools and agricultural universities from various regions of Greece and abroad frequently visit our farms to learn things about organic farming in practice.


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