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The processing and standardization unit

The constructruction of our processing and standardization plant began in 2004 after realizing the markets demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. By the end of 2005 the plant was at full function producing the first greek organic salad sold at various supermarkets. 

Alongside, necessary expertise was gained and we started to produce freshly squeezed organic juice, traditional pasta, jams, conserves and tomato products.

The plant, based in New Tirins, is certified under HACCP, checked and certified by BIO-HELLAS (the Inspection and Certification body for Organic Products in Greece), and it follows the Quality Assurance procedure (AGRODIASFALISIS) developed by the AB Vasilopoulos supermarket

Sofia Karamanou is the contact person for  the processing and standardization plant. (tel. +30-2520-36179)

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